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Alvin Crow with James White

Alvin Crow and his Pleasant Valley Boys have been playing up at the Broken Spoke since the 1970's. James & Annetta White have always loved Alvin and his fiddling. Alvin is the one who coaxed James White up on stage to sing and do his famous welcoming speech. Alvin has worked along side James White for years writing songs together and producing records on Broken Spoke Records. James is also the godfather to Alvin's youngest son, Josh Crow.

Dale Watson & His Lone Stars

Dale Watson, "the silver wolverine", is the founder of Ameripolitan music. Dale, along with a few other musicians including Ray Benson, decided that the kind of country music they were playing wasn't really considered country anymore by radio stations etc. The kind of country they play doesn't even barely resemble the country coming out of Nashville these days so they started Ameripolitan Music which encompasses, outlaw, western swing, honk-tonk and rockabilly.

Dale Watson & His Lone Stars

Dale Watson is one of our biggest drawing bands! He packs the dancefloor with great dance music and entertaining original songs such as "South of Round Rock, Texas", "Jonesing for Jones", "I Lie When I Drink"...He has performed on the Late Show with David Letterman and the Jimmy Kimmel Show.


The Derailers have been playing at the Broken Spoke since the early 1990's! They are one of our biggest drawing bands and dancers love their rockabilly style with a big Buck Owens & Beatles influence. The Broken Spoke is their "natural habitat"!

Gary P. Nunn

Gary P. Nunn has been playing at the Broken Spoke since the 1970's. He has written the hits "London Homesick Blues" (Home With The Armadillo) & "The Last Thing I Needed" performed by Willie Nelson.

The Wagoneers w/ Monte Warden

The Wagoneers!! Led by Monte Warden!! This band brings a ton of energy to the stage and the dancehall!! Lots of rockabilly, along with songs that Monte has written for super stars like George Strait!

Billy Mata & the Texas Tradition

Billy Mata, the Perry Como of Western Swing, is one of our favorites that plays at the Broken Spoke. His voice is so smooth and his band is a pure class act.

Weldon Henson

Weldon Henson is one of our newer bands but he has landed a residency on Tuesday nights....Two-Step Tuesdays! They are one of the our dancers' favorite nights to come out and boot scoot. It's only $6 and it is the best show in town!

Darrell Goldman

Darrell Goldman and his band started playing at the Broken Spoke about 3 years ago. They are a great dance band, and we love it when they're playing!

Jerry Jeff Walker & Jack Ingram

JJWalker & Jack Ingram both got up on the stage at The Broken Spoke 50th Celebration! What a night!

Asleep at the Wheel

Asleep at the Wheel with lead singer Ray Benson, have been playing at the Broken Spoke since the 1970's. They are a multi-time Grammy Award winning Western Swing Band. They play about twice a year at the Broken Spoke and you don't want to miss them with they're here.

Jesse Dayton

Jesse Dayton held residency on Thursday nights for almost 10 years! He's moved on with his busy career as a movie director and screen writer, along with still touring with his band.

Marcia Ball

Marcia Ball has been playing her piano at the Spoke since the 1970's. She first played at the Spoke in her band "Freida & her Firedogs"!

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